Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Double Punch Monday!

No, I'm not talking violence.  Coldstone Creamery has double punch Mondays!  I really enjoy the ice cream (maybe it's more about the mixins), and I have a family that enjoys it as well.  It would be helpful to my waistline if I were the only one that liked it, so I could say I want Coldstone and the family would say No, it's not good.  For a split second I'd consider it anyway, but truly would then walk away.  Instead it goes a little something like this.  Me:  Hey, let's go to Coldstone.  Family:  Sounds GREAT! 

For me, it's like anything else that tastes super delicious.  It tastes so good going down, and then a few minutes or hours later you start to question why you ate it.  I was plenty full before we made the decision to grace the front door of Coldstone.  Oh well, I did it, and I guarantee I will do it again.  How could I walk away from double punch Mondays? 

The ice cream was a nice follow up to the fish fry from the freshly caught bluegills by Ryan.  He has been successful the past two trips.  There's something about the taste of fresh fish caught by my hubby, breaded with shore lunch and fried by me.  Yummy! 

"Sweet" Dreams!


  1. Now THAT'S a blog!! Cold stone and fish fries... have I told you lately how much I love you??? :-) It's not good for my waistline either, but sometimes you just have to splurge right? And of course, who can pass up Double Punch Mondays?? ;-)

    I cherished these things when I was a kid. I hope our kids feel the same way some day about these special moments together!


  2. I'm extremely fortunate that ice cream is not a high priority for me! But, time with family is a high priority, so if the family wants to go for ice cream.....I'm there!

    Family is extremely huge for me!


  3. Angie You are a natural at writing and you naturally provide such encouragement to others! I'm so glad you have started this blog. There's no one here on earth that couldn't use some encouragement in their day! I look forward to reading!