Saturday, June 25, 2011

Welcome to the Incouragement Room!

Here I go!  I've decided to start a blog site to share my thoughts, and somewhere along the way I am hopeful that there will be words of encouragement.

The past year has been a journey, and through this my faith and relationship with God has grown immensely.  I am no longer afraid to pray for God's will as I truly believe that I have a purpose, and as long as I'm living this purpose it is in my best interest.  I've learned to not only pray to God unceasingly for other people, but to also listen to what God wants me to hear.  In my quest to follow God's will for my life I need to write.  I've choosen to begin this new journey in my life by writing in my blog.

I have several ideas to blog about, but I also believe that living life on life's terms is surely going to provide me with numerous topics.  My life is full of happiness and serenity, but I've also learned over the past several years that no matter how hard I try to maintain this lifestyle there will always be ups and downs.  I know that it's not what happens to me, but rather how I react to it.  Say what?  

I hope that you will join me in my journey, and that you will gain encouragement at some point during your stay.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon!


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  1. This is such a great idea Angie! To have a virtual journal where you can tell your story, express your thoughts and feelings, and even get feedback and interaction about it with family and friends is wonderful! I am proud to say that I am your first follower. :-)

    I’m so glad you spilled the beans about your dream to be a U.S. Marshall! :-D Talk about an awesome and rewarding job! If there was ever a way to accomplish that dream, I’m sure you would figure it out! Just think… Angie the Right of Way Agent/Manhunter… you’d be cooler than Dog the Bounty Hunter and would have your own TV show in no time! :-)

    Your latest blog entry gives me perspective on how so easily we can take for granted all the beautiful things of nature we pass by each and every day. Stopping to “smell the roses” isn’t just a saying, but good words of advice. That’s the one thing I truly enjoyed when I was running regularly was passing by Reiman Gardens and seeing all the beautiful flowers, plants, butterflies, awesome decorations, and other beauties of nature there. We all need this reminder from time to time to enjoy the simple but beautiful things in life.

    Your relationship with God continues to amaze and inspire me! It’s because of your story and our life together that I have a stronger relationship with Him today than I have had my entire life. Without question God has blessed and continues to bless our family, and I don’t want to take that for granted. I know I can sometimes, even in recent days, but I want to make a conscious effort to be appreciative of our blessed life, to be humble before God, and pray to Him every day that we are living in His will.

    Thank you for being you… I will always love you for it!