Friday, July 22, 2011

Hurt people, hurt people.

Hurt causes people to become bitter, resentful, vengeful, angry.  This hurt may be formed by abuse, divorce, neglect, betrayal.  Hurt has no boundaries and can sneak in at anytime.  This hurt can begin in childhood and continue throughout your adult years if left untreated.  Hurt can cause behavior that is not healthy, and hurt those closest to us. We not only push people away who care, but we treat them very harsh, even to the point where we ruin relationships because of our behavior and attitude.  As long as we continue to hurt and not seek healthy actions to change the hurt we will have wounded relationships with family, friends, in our marriage, with neighbors, or co-workers.

I am responsible for my own well-being, and if I am hurting it is important to seek recovery and begin to make positive, healthy changes so that I do not continue to hurt others.

Dealing with hurt can be painful and scary.  The hurt didn't begin overnight, so it will not disappear in one day.  However, taking positive actions one step at a time instead of continuing the negative actions will eventually result in less hurt.  Dealing with hurt can be difficult, but you don't have to do it alone.  This quest requires seeking help.  God already knows that you are suffering, and is waiting for you to ask for help to overcome this hurt.  Be faithful, and trust that as you open your heart and mind to him, you will begin to see change.  Little by little you will stop spreading your pain as you begin to be filled with peace and serenity.  You begin to let these hurts no longer control your thoughts and attitude.

I have hurt others in the past intentionally, and not intentionally.  Today, I never hurt people intentionally.  Even though it is not intentional I am sure that I have hurt people.  I find that when I am focused on what others are doing or not doing this is when I am most vulnerable to hurt.  Today, I know that I can choose to focus on me and what I am doing.  I try to keep my thoughts and actions positive, and I have set healthy boundaries to help me not continue to get hurt.  Notice I said "healthy" boundaries?  Early in my recovery I recall setting a boundary, but I later discovered that this boundary was established only to be hurtful.  I have to constantly look at my actions and behaviors and truthfully seek my motivations.  Am I being kind, loving and respectful to everyone around me?  If that answer is yes, I find less hurt and I can peacefully lay my head down at night.

If you are dealing with hurt I want to encourage you to take healthy actions to begin your healing process.  If you take positive actions, you will have positive results.  It will not be easy especially for those of you that have been dealing with hurts from your childhood, or for long periods of time.  However, you don't have to do this alone and I guarantee you that it will be worth the journey.  You will begin to experience healed relationships, and you can go to bed at night thanking God for the peace and serenity in your head and in your life.

There is so much hurt in this world.  Are my actions going to be kind, loving and respectful today, or do I choose to continue to be hurtful?

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change (other people),
courage to change the things I can (me),
and the wisdom to know the difference (seeking God).

God Bless,


  1. Amen and amen! Sometimes, I think we don't know where to take the hurts we feel. We hurt so bad for others and while we take it to prayer, we don't leave it with Jesus. We take up the cause and that gets us nowhere. I've found, in the past, when I take on a cause for someone else, they will heal and I'm left with the anger and hurt on their behalf, with none of the healing. The next time hurt comes along, I pick it up again, but it's bigger because I didn't really deal with it the first time! make sense? well, it does to me, but I know the circumstance I'm thinking of and the past. Just know I need to get better with giving it all to Jesus and not picking it back up! Let Him deal with the WHOLE mess and with me.

  2. By the way, thanks for all you said, Made great sense to me!